The Diplomat The Diplomat is a current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific, with news and analysis on politics, security, business, technology and life across the region. Tue, 30 Jan 2024 11:46:46 +0900 en-US Myanmar, South China Sea Conflicts Top Agenda as ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meet China Evergrande, Facing $300 Billion in Debt, Has Been Ordered to Liquidate How India Betrayed Mahatma Gandhi Ahn Cheol-soo on the State of South Korean Politics Wanted, Again: Matraimov Once More Sought by Authorities in Kyrgyzstan US National Security Advisor, China’s Top Foreign Policy Official Met in Thailand Swallowed by Water, in the Sundarbans There Is Nowhere Else to Go Australia Day: A National Impasse Japan’s First Moon Rover Resumes Operations After Landing Upside Down The Centrality of Security in the Pakistan-US Relationship India-France Relations and Indo-Pacific Power Play China’s Nuclear Forces Continue to Expand How Serious Are the Latest Threats From North Korea? Sri Lanka Kneecaps Its Marine Research Myanmar Junta Sends Representative to ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Iran Moves Towards Greater Cooperation With Taliban Maldives Grapples with Repatriation Amidst Rising Religious Extremism Two Malaysian Men Sentenced to 23 Years Prison For Bali Bombing Censorship, AI, Disinformation, and Repression Undermine Asia’s Elections Reviewing Thailand-Germany Ties in Light of President Steinmeier’s Visit Myanmar Court Sets March Auction for Imprisoned Leader’s Villa The Myanmar Junta Is Losing Its Foreign Backers John Kerry, Xie Zhenhua Exit Roles That Defined Generation of Climate Action Abject Surrender of the State to Armed Militia in India’s Manipur The France-India Dalliance: Operationalizing Strategic Autonomy in the Indian Ocean The Myanmar Junta: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun? The Munich Agreement: 3 Historical Lessons for the Taiwan Strait Engaging With the Taliban Doesn’t Work China’s Preference for Hard Power Is Creating Major Headaches for Beijing Kazakhstan’s Government Under Fire for Sloppy Earthquake Response South Korean Police Investigating 14-year-old Boy as Suspect of Attack on Lawmaker When Will Cross-Strait Tourism Return to Normal? Instability Looms Over Post-Election Bangladesh A North Korean Overseas Chinese Man’s Tangled Identities in South Korea hwagyo. ]]> Pakistan Accuses Indian Agents of Orchestrating the Killing of 2 Citizens on its Soil What Voice Will We Give to Australia’s Future? Iran Has Conducted Strikes in Pakistan Before. This Time Was Different. Taiwan’s New President-Elect Should Prioritize the Economy Unveiling the Motivations: Tajik ISKP’s Calculated Strikes on Iran Mending Pakistan’s Ties With the West – Via the Middle East Bhutan’s Long Journey Into the World Trade Organization Sri Lanka Passes Online Safety Bill The Maritime Implications of Indonesia’s Presidential Election Spearheading AI-Driven Financial Innovation and Regional Integration in Central Asia India Mulls an End to Myanmar Free Movement Border Zone Philippines Military to Provide ‘Unimpeded’ Access to Sea Resources, Defense Chief Says Thai Constitutional Court Clears MFP Leader of Breaching Election Law Trouble Among Neighbors: Iran, Pakistan, and China’s Offer of Mediation With Global Shipping on the Line, China Says It’s ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Tensions in the Red Sea Rethinking US Foreign Aid New Zealand’s Huge Shift in the Middle East What the China-Maldives-India Triangle Tells Us About 21st Century Balancing North Korea Appears to Demolish ‘Reunification Arch’ as Kim Jong Un Turns Against Ties With South The Plight of Hazaras Under the Taliban Government Pakistan-Iran Airstrikes: Who is Paying the Price? Cambodia Microfinance Association Findings Mark Retreat From Poverty Reduction Claims Rohingya Ocean Death Toll Worst in Nearly a Decade, UN Says Situating the Battle of the Paracel Islands in Modern Vietnam-China Relations Philippine President Says He Won’t ‘Lift a Finger’ to Help ICC Probe The Foreign Policy Angle in India’s Upcoming National Elections A First-hand Run-in With Pakistan’s Dangerous Blasphemy Obsession ‘Very Strong’ 7.1 Magnitude Quake in Western China Kills 3 Sri Lankan Lawmakers Debate Controversial Internet Safety Bill Amid Protests by Rights Groups The Ram Mandir Symbolizes a New Form of Hinduism Kazakhstan’s Evolving Afghanistan Policy Guatemala’s Decision: Exploring What China and Taiwan Actually Offer Nomin Chinbat on Mongolia and the World Economic Forum Tensions Set to Rise as North Korea Drops Unification Goal Why PhilHealth Doesn’t Need to Raise Premiums in 2024 North Korea, Korean Unification, and the Prospects of a 2024 Crisis In Iran, Jaishankar Practices India’s Strategic Silence Myanmar Military Tribunal Sentences Brigadier Generals to Death for Kokang Surrender The Philippines Is Exercising Growing Agency on the Taiwan Issue Ex-Malaysian PM Mahathir Accuses Government of Prosecuting Its Rivals Philippines Again Condemns ‘Provocative’ Chinese Actions in South China Sea Gelephu: The World’s First Mindfulness City Is in Bhutan Taiwan Says 6 Balloons From China Flew Through Its Airspace Rohingya Refugees and the Shifting Tide in Indonesia Playing the Long Game: Ukraine’s Approach to China Making Sense of India’s Muted Response to the Red Sea Crisis Japan’s Aging Population Will Increase Disaster Vulnerability Apple Must Clean up Its Polluting Supply Chain – Starting With Foxconn The BNP’s Islamist Dilemma India’s Judicial Crisis Indian Government to Terminate Free Movement Regime With Myanmar Hindutva Activists Target Tamil Film ‘Annapoorani’ India’s Modi Opens Controversial Hindu Temple in Ayodhya China’s Self-Pitying Empire Charter Change Bid Moves Forward in the Philippines Relitigating the Past: How to Overcome Recent Court Cases and Strengthen the Japan-South Korea Relationship Is Christianity Marape’s Political Saving Grace in Papua New Guinea? China’s Belt and Road and Its Alternatives: Competing or Complementary? Confronting Digital Authoritarian­ism Through Digital Democracy: Lessons From Taiwan Impasse at Torkham: Pakistan’s Border Closure a Pressure Tactic on the Taliban Will China Move Toward a ‘War-Driven’ Economy? Securing India’s Digital Future: Cybersecurity Urgency and Opportunities